Creating the life you really want


“I have been fortunate to have met and worked with some amazing people.
Please take a look at their feedback from our work together.”

HSF HEALTH PLAN - Lynne Paine - Sales Administration Manager – UK and Ireland

‘We were very fortunate to have Jayne attend our All Staff Conference on Friday 12 December 2014. Jayne’s presentation was extremely thought provoking and inspirational, nearly a week later we are still talking about it! To hear Jayne’s personal story and how she overcame a serious illness was amazing. Jayne’s natural warmth and energy combined with excellent speaking skills held everyone spellbound!’

ANTHONY NOLAN, Chief Executive - Henny Braund

Jayne is a beautiful speaker with a real knack of tailoring her talk to the audience. She has spoken at both staff briefings and external events for Anthony Nolan and I am always inundated with messages of praise and endorsement following her appearances. Jayne inspires people with her honesty and authenticity and her style engages even the most hard-hearted of listeners.


Jayne presented at our recent breakfast meeting, Jayne is probably one of the most captivating speakers I have come across. Her presentation style is so natural and happy I found her so easy to listen to. Two weeks later and Jayne's presentation is still with me. I know this presentation was a "taster" however I did feel touched by it. I think twice about how I spend my time and nurture those I love a little bit more. I would have no doubt in recommending Jayne and have already done so to some business friends who arrange corporate events.


From my point of view: Jayne's presentation was thought provoking and inspiring making us all consider what lies ahead and the challenges we must face, but face them we will. She gave us all her powerful story and left our students with a positive outlook and a new enthusiasm for aspects of people's lives which can be intimidating and difficult. Two comments from students: As a result of the presentation, I have decided that I too can give something to people who are less fortunate than myself and intend to plan and undertake an event which will raise money for others. It may not be jumping out of an airplane but it will be my personal challenge all the same. Overcoming a serious illness and changing direction in a career; both challenges that Jayne proved we can all overcome. It was interesting to hear her personal story of these events and how we can all use this inspiration in our futures.


Just to say a huge thanks for speaking as part of our annual Raising Aspirations afternoon/evening last week. I think the way you put your message across really hit home with some of our students and a few of them have commented on how much they enjoyed your presentation and some of the valuable points you made for them to consider regarding prioritising and maintaining a sensible work/life balance. It has certainly given them food for thought in terms of where they are now and what they need to put in place regards reaching their goals in life. It was inspirational the way you managed to turn such a personal struggle into so many positives and there was so much for them to take away from your own stories and apply to the challenges they face each day either at school or in their own lives.


Jayne Snell’s talk at Skipton Girls’ was warm, enthusiastic and most importantly inspiring. Faced with a life changing diagnosis Jayne took the opportunity to revaluate her life. Through her ‘Parachute of Dreams’ talk she was able to walk us through how she found the positive in every step of her recovery. Jayne made us look at what we actually want from life, question what is truly important and made us step away from our shield of protection of ‘excuses’ which prevent us from living the way we really want to live. This was particularly apt for our 6th Formers as they embark on the next step of their journey. Take that jump, you only live once. Comments from the students. ‘I never saw that twist coming.’ ‘It makes you think doesn’t it.’ ‘The things you actually worry about seem silly now.’ ‘It’s true….I make excuses all the time’.

BBC Broadcasting House, London Toby Mildon (Project Manager & Executive Coach)

Jayne is a fabulous motivational speaker and has such a compelling and moving personal story to tell. Jayne came to speak to my BBC colleagues and she had everyone in the room captivated. I highly recommend Jayne as a motivational speaker.


I listened to Jayne’s presentation on Saturday and to say it was inspirational would be an understatement. Her story was captivating and extremely moving. She is obviously devoted to her family and her courage and positive attitude towards the situation she found herself in was nothing short of remarkable. The way she delivered her story was professional, succinct, and her main message shone through without the need for further explanation. (There were not many dry eyes in the room). I would highly recommend Jayne to speak at any organisation, function or conference, for business or social, this is not a story of sadness and gloom, this is pure inspiration, total courage, mind over matter and a mum fighting for what matters in life, a message that I believe many in today’s society could be reminded of.


Ashbourne Friends Group Speaker Evening 2014. I am writing to thank you for a wonderful presentation given to our audience of 71 people on the 19th of this month. Your talk was one of the best presentations we have witnessed over 23 years of holding this event. It was a truly enlightening insight into how to re-order your life in the event of the totally unexpected happening. Everyone that I have spoken to, left that evening enriched with the thought that we all need a personal challenge in our lives and that with that challenge in mind major obstacles can be overcome. You are a truly inspirational person and I thank you for sharing with us the way that you transferred your dream into reality. Not only have you achieved your goal. Along the way you are helping so many of us to set about achieving ours. I hope that we will meet again soon. Once again thank you and our very best wishes. Allen Forsythe.


Wonderful to celebrate 40 years of @AnthonyNolan tonight in such esteemed company. Particularly the wonderful & eloquent @JayneMSnell


@JayneMSnell really inspiring speech from you yesterday . Inspired me to chase my dream of becoming a politician even more.

Phil Heath

A powerful story - very well told with some insightful facts and information. A wonderful, natural speaker that I would recommend to any group.

PMG Marijke Lee

I found Jayne's story very moving and uplifting. A true inspiration to us all to go out and do something different and help change the world.

PEB Architects Peter Bentley

Jayne's story is exceptional, and gives hope to us all. Obviously a life changing experience but great strength and resolve has come from it. Inspirational.

WITHERNSEA HIGH SCHOOL Kathy Kirk Post-16 Year Tutor

Jayne is a very inspirational speaker. She was invited in as part of our Enrichment programme for our 6th Form students, and delivered a very powerful and compelling session. The students, (more than 70 present) were totally engaged throughout, and responded extremely well, giving some very positive feedback after the session. One student even emailed me to tell me how influential he had found the session to be, and asked for more like that! Thank you Jayne. We really appreciated your dynamism and passion – we look forward to having the opportunity to hearing you talk again.

RUSHFIRTH CREATIVE Kathryn Rushfirth Creative Partner

Just knowing Jayne is an inspiration in itself - but when you hear her speak, it just all makes sense. All you need to do is follow what she says, keep reminding yourself about the plan and eventually it becomes your new way of life. It is lifechanging without the need for the potential tragedy that is usually the catalyst. Brilliant!