Creating the life you really want


Parachute of Dreams

The benefit of the Parachute of Dreams presentation to corporate clients is two fold –  it helps both the business and its employees.


What are the businesses lifelines and goals for the future?
Who has responsibility?
How are we going to get there?
By sharing the lifelines of the business and creating a plan, everyone then has the same vision, creating visible and tangible  results.


Wouldn’t it be good to have happier people working for you? Parachute of Dreams is extremely powerful. It helps individuals in:-

  • Choosing the right attitude
  • Reducing stress
  • Exploring their lifelines
  • Determining what motivates them
  • Developing visualising techniques
  • Creating a life / business plan of balance  (Parachute of Dreams)

This results in happier people with more balanced lives, and after all, happier people are far more productive than de-motivated unhappy people.