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Anthony Nolan

TalkJayne is extremely grateful for all the assistance and support that she has received.

She is honoured to have the ongoing opportunity to be able to give something back through being a volunteer presenter / speaker for Anthony Nolan, Register and Be a Lifesaver.
R&Be is an educational programme run by Anthony Nolan and NHSBT (blood and transplant).

As a volunteer, Jayne speaks to 6th form and college students age 16 – 19 years old, about the importance of donating blood, organs and bone marrow/stem cells.

Since R&Be’s launch in 2008 over 100,000 students have heard the talks.  Jayne has spoken to over 2,000 students in Yorkshire, of which over 50% have registered an interest in joining Anthony Nolan’s bone marrow register.

Jayne is also a donor visitor for Anthony Nolan.  She visits donors AS they are donating their stem cells to say thank you on behalf of Anthony Nolan and their anonymous recipient. Jayne finds this incredibly humbling and emotional!

Jayne is also regularly asked to speak and present awards at the NHS Blood and Transplant Blood Donor Awards ceremonies.