Creating the life you really want

Jayne’s Story

Jayne Snell Branding

I am a wife, a mum to two teenage children, a daughter, a sister, an aunty and I am lucky to have some very wonderful friends.

Born in 1969, I grew up in a loving family and I have 1 brother.  I spent 4 years of my childhood in Zambia before returning to Yorkshire.  My childhood was a happy, carefree one.

I met my husband on holiday in Tenerife and have been married for 21 years, we are blessed with 2 gorgeous teenage children.

My life has been pretty normal, a working Mum, a loving family, great friends.

I worked for 25 years in the manufacturing industry.  I have worked in Sales, Marketing and Production Planning Departments before being promoted to Personal Assistant for the Executive Vice President of European Operations.  I loved this job, my role was extremely varied and busy, I dealt with all departments and I had to be able to multi-task and be super organised!

Then one day in February 2011, out of the blue, my life fell apart.  I was told I had blood cancer.  I needed a bone marrow transplant sometime in the future but until such time to go and live life as normal.  How do you live as normal, when you know you are dying?

It was at this point that I realised what was truly important to me, what my priorities were and what my dreams and desires for my future were.  Despite the challenges we faced, we did live 2011 as normal, with lots of laughter, fun and love.

Why is it that we wait for a tragedy to catapult us into action and to question how we are living our lives?

“Out of my greatest sadness came the clearest vision of what I wanted but you do not have to wait for the proverbial “Boot up the backside”, you can all get the life you want now”.

In 2012 I did have my life saving bone marrow/stem cell transplant and I spent a lot of time in isolation.  This gave me a lot of thinking and research time.  I was particularly drawn to books about the power of the mind, choosing the right attitude and the importance of visualising.   From this I created Parachute of Dreams, a way to realise your aspirations, to create a life of balance and most of all enjoy every day.